Instagram api deprecated

Last week, Facebook and Instagram made major changes to their APIs in an effort to protect your data and privacy. Almost every company that does business on Instagram was affected by these changes, whether it was a shopping app or an analytics app. This is because Instagram has shut down their public API, which many apps depend on, sooner than originally planned. Confused about what exactly the Instagram API is? So when Instagram suddenly restricted access to the public API without warning last week, it left many third-party apps broken.

However, the changes have also affected apps that have been approved by Instagram — although the impact is much less severe. Depending on the app, some features might have a more limited capacity while others could be shut off entirely. First off, Instagram bots are officially dead. You might see lower engagement over the next few weeks, but now you can trust that most of the engagement and followers you get are real.

This also affects any apps that would show you when someone unfollowed you. Instead of searching by users or posts you have liked, you can now only search by hashtag. You can learn more about the minor changes coming to Later here.

You can learn more about those changes here. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have at hello later. Matt has founded a few startups and is also one of the founders at Later where he leads the marketing, growth and customer experience.

You can follow mattfromlater on Instagram or Twitter. Matt Smith mattfromlater. So, why all the sudden changes? Written By Matt Smith Matt has founded a few startups and is also one of the founders at Later where he leads the marketing, growth and customer experience.

You may also like. Product Updates. Add Text to Images with Later Creating visual content for your brand just got easier — you can now add text Read More. Schedule a First Comment on Instagram with Later Want to reap the benefits of Instagram hashtags without crowding your caption? The ability to From watching likesFortunately, Instagram took into account the great scale of this update and its potential influence on business, so the shift would be as smooth as possible. It will be implemented in several steps, to give a chance to every affected company to prepare for it.

That is why instagram API changes will take place on March 31 instead of March 2, as originally planned. If your app supports Instagram business profile users, better to start building on the Instagram Graph immediately. All changes to API were done to upgrade it and protect user privacy and safety. The basic changes are:. The possible difficulty they can have is a rather long process of App Review which can take more than a week. With the help of it, you will have an access to the following functions:.

Operate photos and videos, which were tagged with specific hashtags. Page and Post impressions are now categorized. Pages Webhooks were restructured to Workplace mentions. Now they will require an access token.

It can be used to access any type of Instagram account. Common actions, which can be performed with the help of the API:. Unfortunately, it can provide only read-access to basic data, so if you are building an app or services — use graph API instead. Such a global update most probably will cause inconveniences both for users and developers of Instagram plugins and apps, so you need to secure yourself from any problems in advance. Make sure that developers of the plugins and apps you are using have announced support for the upcoming changes and release of updates.

Before the total deprecation of API, you need to update your app or find an alternative one, since after deprecation of API your app will stop working. If this is crucial for your business, then follow this advice when choosing Instagram applications:.

Unfortunately, the only decision for the client will be to stick to the highest quality products. A responsible developer is the one who is prepared for upcoming changes in advance and who will try to adjust the product with minimal inconvenience for the customer.

Immediately after receiving the announcement from Instagram, our team started developing the update, which will help to pass from old API to the new one without any problems. The update of March 31, in a couple of weeks, so you still have time to adjust your products to the upcoming upgrade.

Shifting to Graph API is a step forward to new possibilities for developers working with Instagram data. Taking as an example Facebook Feedwhich was developed by our team using Graph API, I can say that this tool is very cool and flexible, providing solution for almost every task.

Instagram API Changes – December 11, 2018

We hope that Instagram will stand with developers and grant us full capabilities for working with data. In Instagram developers officially announced data and the steps of the Legace API platform deprecation. After that date, all apps using the API will no longer have access.

To avoid interruption of your service, better to migrate onto new API immediately. There are few ways how to do it with the new platform. In case you display multiple account on your website, you have to immediately apply for permissions via App Review.

Instagram made an important announcement about upcoming changes in operating API, which will affect both — Instagram users and delevopers. It will be on March 31, Contents 1. Instagram Graph API features 3.

How will I be affected, if I am using Instagram plugin or service?Happy Smashgiving! We have released updates to the plugin to accommodate these changes or remove deprecated features. The main changes are outlined below.

Unfortunately, Instagram have deprecated location, coordinate, and single post feeds for all developers and so it is no longer be possible to display these kinds of feeds. It is possible that Instagram will add support for these feeds in their new API, but have currently not officially announced any plans to do so. They will continue to work but Instagram requires you to have an Instagram Business profile and connect it to a Facebook Page. See here for directions on how to transition to the new API in order to avoid any disruption in your feeds.

Number of hashtags Another change related to hashtag feeds is the number of hashtags that you can query. This means that you can only display feeds from 30 different hashtags within a 7 day rolling time period. Removing dates and usernames Posts in hashtag feeds will no longer include dates of when they were posted or the username of the person who posted them.

New ways to order hashtag posts Hashtag feeds are now able to be ordered in two ways; most recent posts and most popular posts. We understand that this news may negatively impact how you use our plugin to display Instagram content and apologize for any inconvenience caused by these major Instagram changes.

We are continuing to work hard to update our plugins to reflect these new changes and to provide support to any affected users. Instagram Feed Pro Display completely customizable Instagram feeds on your website. Location, Coordinate and Single Post feeds Unfortunately, Instagram have deprecated location, coordinate, and single post feeds for all developers and so it is no longer be possible to display these kinds of feeds.At the end of March, following Facebook scandal, Instagram decided to suddenly close several of its endpoints without prior notice.

Example: give access to user followers list may lead to phone contact steal. Now third party applications no longer can access to your followers list or like a post. More surprisely, you can no longer also get your profile posts despite these are public and accessible to anyone. This earthtake could be the beginning for similar actions on other media such as Twitter or Linkedin. Despite this partial shutdown, you must remember that all these were scheduled at the end of but now are accelerating.

These Instagram API endpoints were to be closed and stopped during summer, but Facebook crisis did accelerated the agenda. The main issue here is rather the acceleration of the deprecation withouth prior notice, than the deprecation itself.

Changelog of April released a note without prior notice to all API users :. Few other features are deleted but not officially. Among them, these ones can be discovered afterwards. For live applications, it was around per hour. TechCrunch was the first media to report this news on 2 April.

Platform Changelog

Until now, no official confirmation from Instagram, which may allegedly supposes that other unexpected actions will be made alongside Facebook scandal. After april, these API fields are no longer providing these data.

If you aggregate your own profile, your avatar photo remains shared, of course. Now most important thing: would username disappear soon too? I bet not, for several reasons: Instagram core feature is to share its photos publicly, not anonymously. If you want to hide them, you can go to private profile, instead of public profile.

That is not the case on Facebook, where private profile is most wanted feature from users. It still works until december After a new Instagram API will be released, which will require all users to try to integrate it, with or without success. Until today, nothing is known about this new API.

As for today, there are only minor changes such as post author photo which is no longer available.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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Based on what is written hereyou shouldn't use Instagram Basic Display API for authentication users to login to mobile app, but only to read and display data from Instagram. You should use rather Facebook Login for authentication. Learn more. Asked 12 days ago.

instagram api deprecated

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Email Required, but never shown. The Overflow Blog. The Overflow How many jobs can be done at home? Featured on Meta. Community and Moderator guidelines for escalating issues via new response….

instagram api deprecated

Feedback on Q2 Community Roadmap. Triage needs to be fixed urgently, and users need to be notified upon…. Dark Mode Beta - help us root out low-contrast and un-converted bits. Technical site integration observational experiment live on Stack Overflow. Related Hot Network Questions. Question feed. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.Instagram is deprecating features necessary for running hashtag contests via its API on December 11, Online marketers — commence panic!

Now take a deep breath. At ShortStack, our team of engineers updated our hashtag contest capabilities to ensure you still have access to the Instagram features you love. Instagram announced the deprecation of their API platform on January 30, Over the past year, Instagram has been deprecating various features of their API in order to protect the privacy of users and increase data security. In April ofInstagram deprecated several features from their API, with changes that occurred helping to improve the security of the platform in the wake of privacy concerns.

The April API deprecation round included:. For businesses, this means you can no longer simply pull posts with a specific hashtag from Instagram. The Instagram API deprecation requires a new process from ShortStack users for setting up their hashtag contests and a new process for hashtag contest participants for submitting their entries.

Before Instagram updated the API, folks simply needed to be on a ShortStack plan that offered access to our Feeds feature — the feature that facilitates Instagram and Twitter hashtag contests within ShortStack — and to have an Instagram account. Now, there are a few additional requirements. Right now, when setting up the ShortStack feed that will collect your Instagram hashtags, all you need to do is indicate the hashtag s that posts must include and the timeframe the posts must occur during in order for the posts to be pulled in as entries.

The new process requires you to:. One version reflects the old hashtag contests and the other reflects the new hashtag contest with the mention requirement. In the past, you could simply tell folks to include your contest hashtag s in their posts to enter. Now entrants will need to include the hashtag s and they need to mention the Instagram Business Account you indicated when setting up the ShortStack feed.

Here are two examples of hashtag contest entry posts. The first post shows the old entry process, while the second post includes the new mention requirement.

Instagram API changes 2020: Instagram Graph API and Basic Display API

As you can see, one of the best things about this new process is that people who view the entry post will also see your business being tagged in the entry. The mention in hashtag contest entries increases brand awareness. Instagram is deprecating their API, requiring ShortStack to update how hashtag contests are conducted. Now, folks must use an Instagram Business Account that is connected to a Facebook Page in order to set up a hashtag contests.

Furthermore, hashtag contest entries must include both the contest hashtag s and an mention of the Instagram Business Account running the contest. If you have any questions on setting up your hashtag contests in ShortStack, just shoot an email to theteam shortstacklab. Old entry requirements. New entry requirements. Old entry post. New entry post. See how easy it is to create your first Instagram contest or promotion.

Get Started Now No credit card required.Starting today January 30we are launching three new features on the Instagram Graph API designed to help businesses better manage their organic presence on Instagram. Please see the full summary below. Post an image to Feed with or without a caption. Mentions [NEW] - Read public media that a business has been photo tagged or mentioned in.

Post comments on behalf of a business, on media in which it has been mentioned. Insights - Help businesses access and analyze valuable metrics about their own Instagram business profile.

Enable them to understand and optimize the performance of their organic content on Instagram. Comment Moderation - Drive interactions at scale.

instagram api deprecated

Enable businesses to more efficiently interact with their audience through comments under their media on Instagram. We will be deprecating the older Instagram API Platform in three phases with complete deprecation occurring in early If your application supports Instagram business profile users, we highly encourage you to begin building on the Instagram Graph API immediately if you have not done so already.

Read their blog for details. Log In. News for Developers. The following will be available until July 31, : Follower List - to read the list of followers and followed-by users. Subscribe to Developer News. Show Comments. Related News. Business Tools Platforms. Business Tools Developer Policy.

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instagram api deprecated

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