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By EvidentialJanuary 1, in Scenarios. I would recommend changing the. You need to put the custom countries into the ,zip file, as I am getting blank civilizations. Anyways, good start for this mod! Instead of downloading a new program, just use a zip. I didnt see this coming! Can I review your mod on my YouTube Channel? My YouTube Channel. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Recommended Posts. Posted January 1, World Conqueror 4 players for Android will continue to develop and create the best war tactics on mobile. Continuing the story in the predecessor, once again, you have the opportunity to show the bravery and strategy of a talented general hidden inside people with the whole world. World Conqueror 4 for Android is rated as one of the best war games ever seen on mobile. With rich features, deep tactical gameplay and sharp graphics, World Conqueror 4 for Android will make you experience for hours without getting bored.

Do you want to play: Dawn of Zombies Mod Apk. Mohamed Nefzi: My favorite game in the entire google store. Only one thing i wished for, I wanted to see the WC3 generals. I noticed people are complaining about the allies AI. After playing this game for over a year i can say they react on your way of playing and your strategies and every move you make has its consequences.

Free get World Conqueror 4 without registration, virus and with good speed! Read the installation guide here: How to download, install an APK and fix related issues. World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk 1.

Name World Conqueror 4. Table of Contents. World Conqueror 4 Apk Original v1. Idle Painter 3D Mod Apk 1. Idle Apocalypse Mod Apk 1.

wc4 mods

Prison Empire Tycoon Mod Apk 2. I, Gladiator Mod Apk 1. Hydraulic Press Pocket Mod Apk 1. All rights reserved.Have you ever thought how this world would change if you were the one who decided the outcome of the wars? War is the unexpected thing because no matter who the winner is, the consequences it brings is extremely terrible. But the wars themselves are the same, where the most talented generals show their bravery to win the country.

So you have to change the history of the whole world when you are the new commander in the old army. World Conqueror is the place for you to do it. World Conqueror 4 Mod Money continues to evolve and create the best war strategies on mobile. The game takes place in the context of past wars, from the smallest battles to gaining ground, or larger than the two world wars that have occurred.

In the game, you will be soldiers, commanders to change the situation on the battlefield and win for the country. If you have ever been in love with World Conqueror 3, you definitely cannot miss the next: World Conqueror 4 on mobile. Continuing the story of your predecessor, you have the opportunity to show the bravery and skill of a potential general man inside the world once again.

World Conqueror 4 does not encourage you to pursue a country or a faction in the game.

wc4 mods

Sometimes you are assigned the task of Allied troops, sometimes you become the generals of the German military to join the battlefield. In this game, only the intellect and the new strategies are focused on. The game is a great simulation of the history of the world. You can play World Conqueror 4 for fun, but at the same time, battles are easy to put into your memory. Because in each battle in the game, you will directly control each unit of artillery, tanks, infantry, navy… to fight.

In a way, you are living with history. There are two main gameplay features in the game is to hit the campaign and conquer the world. On the campaign screen, you will be scheduled to participate in one battle, from easy to hard.

It could be the battle of the legendary Leningrad city, the fierce battles in the Pacific Ocean or the Allied invasion of Berlin to end the war.Infinite soldiers, infinite money, infinite stones. G modify a large number of coins and unlimited diamonds!

wc4 mods

Mod Money Coin mod is no longer possible! Hacking Sector 7 will not be! Lock gold coins, banknotes for an unlimited number! Free Shopping Exchange diamonds for coins, even when you have 0 diamonds!

Mod Money Money and Gold increase when spent! Mod Money Buy Coins in exchange for Diamonds! As a truck driver, delivering a variety of goods, money and restore the city. Modify unlimited bills unlimited bills need to get on the first day had finishedclick on the next level if you can not re-enter the game to quit. Modify locked life, gold and black pearl is unlimited, complete a game you can get!

Download World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk 1.2.40 (Unlimited Medals, Resources, Money)

The presence of this mechanism title game, buy with caution! Modify each level increases the number of steps based on the original Modify unlimited gold bars, coins, crown, unlock all weapons partially full levelpartners full-full levelVIP! Bill [non-gold] use does not decrease but increase! The game requires networking, modified version is no guarantee that will not be titles, please be careful to download!

Download App 7. All Requests All Uploads. Obsidian Blade request Mutant Fighting Cup 2. Sarah request Little Big Snake. Tajhan request Bio Inc - Biomedical Plague and rebel doctors. Ahmed Said request black. Hashim Khan request slither. Judite Pestana request Zen Koi. Kyaw Kyaw request Papa's Burgeria. Eric Zhao upload BrutalMania. Action Taimanin Mod Apk 2.

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See all collections some may be hidden. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Popular Discussions View All As Britain, I won the war by July by invading into northern Germany and capitulating both them and Austria.

Russian civil war never fired either. It's now and no Treaty of Versailles.

World Conqueror 4 Mod Apk [Unlimited Medals + Unlimited Shopping]

I also can't make Germany a collaboration government for some reason. I'm using no other mods. Just The Great War mod. Sooooo yeh this is broken and boring. ExplodingTNT 9 Oct am.You might think that remastering the rooms Would you like to know more?

It was not our intention to port Wing Commander 3 yet, but rather unintentionally we've e One of the goals of the WC4 remaster is to Wing Commander was an incredibly popular space combat simulator series from the '90s known for its strong narratives. This project is a fan attempt to allow owners of Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom to enjoy a more modern experience by loading the files from the original game into a new engine, complete with specially created, high definition assets. We will be updating the media section as and when new material becomes available.

Watch this space for new content. We may support original disk releases, but encourage you to show there is still interest in the franchise by purchasing a copy from one of the above sites. It's done when it's done. We hope to have a playable version featuring the first mission within a shorter timeframe as a proof of concept the focus being on reading the original file formats.

No, they aren't even first-pass. However we only intend to push to the point of matching the FMV visuals as closely as possible. No, Mission files are one of the core assets we will not be altering or recreating. We are loading the original mission files without modification. We would welcome help in other areas, however - please see the recruitment page for more details. EA has done remakes before, and their most likely target would be the original trilogy.

WCIV was not the same financial success and hence unlikely to see an offical remake. Wing Commander Prophecy on the other hand, as the most recent title, has long been modded by fans to improve its visuals and compatability.

Finally, storytelling for Wing Commander IV is some of the best certainly the highest production quality in the franchise.We will continue to develop and make the best fight tactic game. Alex Santoro: I love all that was added like fresh troops to use, more bases to defeat, and an actual reason to test to defeat South America and Africa. The countries in globe defeat 3 that weren't that large always felt useless and just a minor inconvinence to war.

There was also really big portions of unused land in a lot of countries. However now it feels like its an actual fight instead of just a walk through the park. The land that was empty before is now useful and not just some dead place. Globe Defeat 4 created improvements everywhere and the only things that are awful is that there are no more custom generals and medals are so hard to receive. United Potatoes: Very good mini game.

John Pederson-Bradbury: I love this mini game and have been waiting so long for it. The only thing is I wish to surrender and declare fight on my enemies. Please add that in! Generic: To all retards: This mini game is not pay to victory. You have a possibility to unblock the popular generals.

World Conqueror 4 1.2.22 APK Mod

Unlike wc3 where it is pay to victory. This mini game was created simpler and has better video test. You have stackable troops that you can't do in wc3. You have the possibility to unblock the popular generals now and no oil. With stackable troops you can tank hurt and have to not worry about defeating generals like Manstein. This is awesome. I hope to see EasyTech woth WC5. You just need to stop being lazier than you are for just paying for early access.

Stealth This is a good mini game. It is a very well created mini game just like WC3 and I like how they have improved on it since the latest globe conqueror mini game.

I would like greater diplomacy and be able to play neutral countries during eras like and select which side you wish to join. It is a bit hard to play for me and well I tried to hack and receive medals and it didnt work. Purpose was to create it funner to play like if i played as the USA I would only use American generals. Anyways it is a very awesome mini game and I recomend another people to play this mini game.

Good job Easytech. Wirriam: Good mini game got my general too!! This is not what I expected!! Azariq Azahari: Really well created. I have to say really awesome wc4 just like wc3. Share you own hack tricks, advices and fixes. Write review for each tested game or app.

wc4 mods

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